Custom Programming

Custom Programming Services are designed as a help endeavour between PSG Technology and our customers to create influential solutions for particular workflow and business practice needs.

We provide project-based services or development for particular customers require. The following are some examples of custom programming services we provide:

Data Conversions

New customers, as well as these going via a merger or identical organisational change, may need the import of data from another system. PSG Technology can help with converting historical information from an existing system into your keepsake or FIMS database, as well as combine multiple databases.

Custom Reports

keepsake and FIMS include an extensive library of standard reports, however, PSG Technology comprehend that every customer may have unique reporting required. Whether you require an increased financial report, expanded board meeting write-ups, or a brand new report created, PSG Technology can assist you.

Batch Updates

This service allows you to programmatically convert you Keepsake data as a choice to modifying records manually. Batch updates save time and growing the accuracy of manual data clean-up.

A/P Links

Accounting links can be developed to simple transfer payment information from keepsake to your accounting system and back to keepsake.